Photo of Kate NobbsPhoto by Willy Slingerland

Kate Nobbs, B.A.(Hons) (Wollongong, Australia), M.A.(Hons) (Clinical Psychology) (Wollongong, Australia). Drs. Klinisch Psychologie (Universiteit Amsterdam)

Since 1991 Kate Nobbs has offered a private practice in psychology for the English speaking community of the Netherlands. Originally trained as a clinical psychologist, Kate now works from a narrative therapy perspective, offering training courses and therapy. She works with individuals, couples and families, helping people find preferred stories for their lives. Narrative therapy is a way of working that encourages people to acknowledge their ways of being in the world, their preferences and values and their choices for themselves and their families.

Over the years, Kate's clients have presented with a variety of problems, including depression, anorexia and bulimia and general dis-ease with their lives. People who have suffered trauma in their lives make up a large proportion of the practice.

Kate is a BIG registered Gezondheidszorg Psycholoog (#79051187525) and BIG Psychotherapist (#69101425516) in The Netherlands. She offers either short term work or longer term work, depending on the presenting problem and the wishes of the client.