Financial considerations


Psychotherapy services are in the “basis verzekering”of Dutch health insurance. If you need reimbursement from your health insurance, a referral letter from your huisarts is essential. This letter must stipulate “Gespecialiseerde GGZ" and a diagnosis. The practice consciously does not have contracts with insurance companies. It is the client’s responsibility to investigate the amount of reimbursement given. A “restitutiepolis” generally offers the best coverage for health providers who don't have contracts with insurers-‘ongecontracteerde zorg’.

From 2022

Starting in 2022 the way mental health services in the Netherlands are financially administered changes. The new system is called the Zorg Prestatie Model. While the actual therapy you receive will not change, the look of the billing will change. Instead of a DBC-system where I send an invoice once a year, I will send an invoice every quarter.

For maximum coverage from your health insurance, a policy with a 100% ‘restitutie’ offers the best reimbursement.


The fee is set by the Nederlandse Zorg Authoriteit.

Outside the “Gespecialiseerde GGZ” structure, the fee for a session of 45 minutes is €140.


If you need to change or cancel a session please call or text +31 6 24824068. I require 48 hours notice for a cancellation. Otherwise the regular fee will be charged.